Boat-sharing platform on which everyone who needs transportation by boat in the city of Venice can book a trip.
It's like a fusion between services like BlaBlaCar and Uber, but using boats instead of cars.

The entire UI is based by following the Material Design guidelines to be usable on every mobile device. Inside the app you can decide to be a normal user and so use the app to find boats near you that you can use to move or you can become a captain if you have a boat and earn by moving and give other people a ride.

The wireframing and the prototyping is really deep because the possibilities for every user are a lot. For example if you're a captain you have to set all the informations about your boat to give the possibility to travelers to choose and why choose your boat. If you are a traveler you need to add all the requirements for a trip, if you need assistance for a wheelchair for example.

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